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About us

"Siyabonga" means "Thank you" in the language of the South African Zulu tribe.

Our organisation was founded in March 2007 after the chairwoman Dr. Juliane Wiesen got to know the four projects and their dedicated teams during her voluntary service at the Children's Home in Greytown in 2004.

We are in regular contact with all project leaders in South Africa. During our visits, we are continuously convinced that our donations are used in a trusting way. Furthermore we are in regular exchange with the project leaders to be informed on the project development, fundraising activity and to discuss the use of our donations.

Who we are - Siyabonga Board members

Dr. Juliane Wiesen


"The bright eyes of the children is the biggest thanks."

Klaus Wiesen

2nd Chairman

"Again and again it is impressive to see how little it takes to improve the situation of people."

Annemarie Krummrich


"It gives me a lot of energy to help; the suffering of the people in the projects is so much bigger than ours."

Cornelia Mirswa


"The gratefulness of the people motivates me, just as the certainty that the donations reach the people who need them."

Dr. Anika Badtke

"As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping other." (Maya Angelou) 

Petra Albrecht

"Witnessing the sometimes very harsh living conditions of children and families in South Africa motivated us to help."