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The project "Walk In The Light" aims to support the residents to cope with their difficult circumstances in the township Haniville, close to Pietermaritzburg. Townships are quarters of people in need, adjacent to big cities, which are remnants from apartheid. The people struggle with high unemployment rates, violence and HIV.


The project employee a social worker who supports the township residents in the dealings with government institutions, makes home visits and coordinates the transportation to doctor´s appointments and funerals. 


Part of the project is a small farm which is directly next to the township. They grow Rosmarin and rose geranium to produce essential oils. Part of the oils is used for the production of natural cosmetic products, which are sold under the brand of SONATUR. The revenue of the sale is reinvested in the farm. Therefore the project creates employment opportunities for the township residents and generates an income for the project itself. 


On the premisses of the farm there is a community center with a room for church services, the choir, a learning center with a small library and a gym. Hence, the projects offers a wide range of education and employment opportunities for the residents. In addition, there is a small garden which can be used by the township residents to grow their own vegetables. 


Our organisation enables the "Walk In The Light" to provide transportation to doctor’s appointments and government institutions as well as to purchase schooling material, hygiene kits, medication and clothes. Further, we are supporting in funding the salaries of the social worker, the priest and farm workers.

Here you can find the latest annual report of "Walk In The Light".