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Village Project

This project supports the poorest of the poor in the arid countryside around the small villages Muden and Keate’s Drift close to Greytown. Most of the supported families are suffering from AIDS, with the majority of the women are widows. The water holes and drinking fountains are sometimes 20 km away from the meagre and dilapidated huts.


Our organisation supports the families in the villages by financing monthly “survival packages”, containing staple food (e.g. mielie meal, rice, oil, vegetables), drinking water, hygienic articles, candles / matches, clothes and blankets. In the sense of helping people to help themselves, we also support growing vegetables.


In addition, our organization supports three pre-schools with staple food and schooling material as well as funding the teacher´s salaries. The children attending the pre-schools are catered with a warm and nourishing meal each day.

Here you can find the latest annual report of the village project.